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Our journey began in 2015 when our founder, EJ Avis, immersed himself in the world of Computer Systems Technology at George Brown College.

While specializing in Systems focusing on Mail Server Administration, Content Management Systems, Database Administration, and Computer Security, it was the Web Development course during his second year that sparked a pivotal decision to shift towards design and development.

EJ embarked on a freelancing journey in late 2016, where he honed his skills and cultivated a deep appreciation for the power of impactful design and seamless development. After four years of crafting digital experiences for various clients, the vision of Unrivaled took shape.

On October 29, 2020, Unrivaled Inc., officially came into existence, marking the beginning of a new chapter in our story. Rooted in the belief that every project should be a unique masterpiece, we set out to create a full-service marketing firm that stands out from the rest.

Our Mission & Values

To assist individuals and businesses in accessing the newest technologies to prosper in the rapidly evolving digital landscape of today.

Through in-depth discussions and innovative problem-solving, we offer tailored solutions to difficulties that not only address current issues but also complement our clients' long-term objectives.


Igniting progress through inventive and sustainable solutions, leading the way.


Open communication for trust and accountability, promoting honesty and clarity.


Uniting strengths, fostering a culture of teamwork for collective success and growth.


Enthusiastically driving meaningful impact, fueled by dedication and determination.

Why Choose Unrivaled?

Simply put, we are not money-oriented—we are results-driven. We're meticulous with the projects and service we provide to all of our clients, and chase achieving great things.

Customer Service

Responsive Support

With committed support, we ensure prompt responses and efficient handling for all of your questions. We put your satisfaction first and are easily reachable through a variety of channels.

Client Collaboration

We value your input at every stage of the process and collaborate closely with you. We follow your vision to ensure that the finished product not only meets but surpasses your expectations.

Proactive Problem Solving

It is our strength to anticipate difficulties. Our proactive approach involves identifying potential issues and offering solutions to ensure the seamless progress of your projects.

Technology Expertise

Innovative Design Solutions

The foundation of our design philosophy is creativity. We design visually striking websites and mobile applications that complement your brand identity and leave a lasting impression.

Advanced Development

Keep up with the times in the digital realm with our robust development skills. Whether your ideas are for custom websites or scalable mobile apps, we translate them into solutions that last.

Scaling & Hardware Optimization

As technology has advanced, our skill set has grown beyond coding. We are specialists in hardware optimization and efficient scaling, so our solutions adjust to your changing needs.

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