Static Web Development

A static website is a fixed set of hardcoded web pages that appear the same for every user and device accessing it regardless of the browser being used.

Two developers discussing static website development coding

The content of the web pages can only change when a developer makes a modification. An analogy for this to better understand the concept is to consider a book that contains a set of pages and words. If an edit is required in the book, the publisher would need to edit accordingly and reprint.

Static websites are also considered to be “one and done” websites due to its fast development, little to no maintenance, and low cost to develop.

What’s the ideal use of a static website?

A static website is typically developed when dynamic content or frequent updates are not necessary.

For example, static websites are perfect for individuals or businesses that simply desire an online presence. If a potential lead or client you’ve met at a coffee shop asks for your business name, chances are they would google the business to learn more following the initial conversation.

The best way to look at it is to consider your website your virtual business card or resume. Another use case would be a landing page which are typically used for campaigns, events, product launches and more where you need a website to convey specific information or gathering leads.

What are the benefits of a static website?

  • Security: As static websites aren’t attached to a database or perform server-side scripting, they’re less prone to being hacked via security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection or cross-site-scripting (XSS).
  • Cost-effective: Static websites can be hosted on virtually any cloud web hosting server and don’t require intensive server resources or a particular server setup.
  • Performance: Static websites provide high performance as they can be served from the closest location to the user using a search engine optimization strategy that leverages global content delivery networks (CDNs).
  • Documentation: If you have content that needs to be easily accessible and searchable, creating a static website displaying this information would be an option if it doesn’t require frequent changes. For example: instructions or protocols for new your employees or clients.

Choosing Unrivaled for your Static Web Development Project

The more you learn about static website development, the more you understand its need of experienced developers with in-depth knowledge of building and maintaining the website.

Even though a static website has advantages of being quick & easy to develop and cheap to host, it can also sometimes be problematic as the content can become stagnant. It requires a certain level of web development expertise to continuously update it, as and when needed.

Making functional corrections once a website is built is always a tiring & tedious task. By choosing to work with our experienced team at Unrivaled, we can guarantee a smooth project deployment from start to finish.

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